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Virtual Reality

Get ready to experience the latest technology craze - Virtual Reality! With our virtual reality system you can explore a diverse range of new worlds, experiences and environments.

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality is a three-dimensional, computer generated environment which can be explored and interacted with by a person using a computer, headset, sensors and hand controllers. The user becomes a part of the virtual world or is immersed within the environment and while there is able to interact with and manipulate the environment.

What will I be able to do with VR at the library?

  • Explore: Experience our planet like you never have before! Travel around the world, to distant planets and even back in time while never leaving the library.
  • Learn: Discover more about oceans, outer space or the human body
  • Create: Create unique works of art in a 3D canvas.
  • Play: VR takes gaming to the next level by immersing you in a 3D environment.

Important Details

  • All customers must sign a waiver and receive training before use
  • Our Oculus Rift is only available for customers ages 16 and up (Customers under 18 must have waivers signed by their legal guardians).
  • Beyond the training, customers must show their library card each time they wish to use the VR equipment.
  • For some, the use of Virtual Reality equipment can cause dizziness and disorientation. Those prone to motion sickness should take care when using the equipment.
  • To accommodate everyone, customers will be limited to 30 minutes of VR usage per day.
  • You can find a list of all our current VR titles here: VR Games Master List

How do I get started?

1. Before booking a training session you must watch a short video describing how the system works, how to use the equipment and any safety related information.

2. After watching the video you must sign our online agreement acknowledging the rules, terms and conditions for using the system and provide us with your contact information.

3. After submitting the online waiver, we will contact you to book a short demo.

Step One: Video Tutorial


Step Two: Sign Our Online Waiver


Click here to view and sign our waiver


VR made possible by:

This initiative is made possible by the Community Fund for Canada's 150th, a collaboration between the Brockville & Area Community Foundation, the Government of Canada, and extraordinary leaders from coast to coast to coast.

CFC150 Fund acknowledgement


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