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The Family Room


Welcome to The Family Room: Rotary Brockville

The Family Room and the children’s programs highlight play-based learning and fun.  The room is full of books, technology and toys so families can come together in a relaxed and comfortable way to read, play, connect and explore.

Children's Library cards are issued at any age. Bring a parent or caregiver along for ID.

Children’s Early Literacy Stations

We have Literacy Stations in The Family Room . These stations are an educational solution for preschool through third grade. They include 26 educational games/programs across seven subject areas, all top rated by Children’s Software Review.

Elf Child Safe Browser

Elf Child-Safe Browser provides 100% safe Internet use for your child.

The Elf browser allows your children to safely explore carefully chosen, highly engaging free-use educational resources on the Internet in the areas of math, science, geography, reading, music, arts, writing and reference.Elf checks every piece of content before it is displayed to ensure that the material is coming from a site that has been specifically approved.

With your library card, you can obtain a free copy of the Elf browser for use in your own home. For more information, please contact us 613.342.3936. In order to obtain a copy of Elf, please email us at [email protected]. We will need your first and last name, library card # and your email address. We will then send you the file to install Elf browser on your computer as well as supporting documentation.

Supporting Documentation

If you do not have an email address or do not wish to provide us with it, you can download ELF from our Early Children's Literacy station using your own thumb drive. If you do not have the Internet at home at all, we provide free access in the children’s area of our library.


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