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Board and Administration


The staff at the Brockville Public Library are here to help you find books, information, and to assist you when you have questions or run into problems. Together we help to create a friendly and inviting atmosphere, each bringing and adding our own aptitudes and experiences to enrich the environment in which we serve.


Emily Farrell — CEO
Laura Julien — Manager, Customer Experience
Mike Zuiker — Custodian


Margie Bentley — Customer Service Coordinator
Lisa Cirka — Youth Engagement Coordinator
Scott Newman — eCoordinator
Brandy Smith — Community Engagement Coordinator


Sianna Barton
Melanie Graham
Jackie Page
Leisa Price-Storey
Naomi Scales
Jennifer Sechi
Julia Farnsworth
Kayla Trower


Victor Glasser
Nour Khadra
Malcolm Tait
Adrianna Zhao

Library Board

The Library Board is made up of volunteer members appointed by Brockville City Council. Most trustees are members of the general public appointed for up to four years and a City Councillor is appointed annually.

The Library Board  is responsible for developing library policy and works with the Chief Librarian and Library management to oversee the Brockville Public Library. You can review the board's bylaws for a comprehensive look at their roles and responsibilities.

Regular board meetings are held the fourth Monday of each month at 5:00 p.m. at the library and members of the public and delegations are welcome to attend. **There are no meetings in July & December. Board members may be contacted at [email protected]


Please Apply To Become A Library Board Trustee!

The Brockville Public Library Board is currently looking for new Trustees!

Complete and return the following application to the City Clerk’s Department by mail, email or fax to:

Deputy City Clerk
City of Brockville
1 King Street, West P.O. Box 5000
Brockville, ON K6V 7A5
[email protected]
613.342.8772 ext. 4431

For your information …

Meetings are on the 4th Monday of the month, 5pm, at the Library. 10 meetings a year.

To qualify as a trustee a person must be:

  1. at least eighteen years old,
  2. a Canadian citizen
  3. a resident of the City of Brockville for which the Board is established,
  4. not employed by the Board, the City or the County.

Other qualities of a Trustee:

  1. An interest in the community, in the library, and in the library’s importance as an integral part of the community’s cultural, recreational and educational facilities.
  2. A readiness to volunteer time and effort to carry out their duties.
  3. An awareness of the social and economic conditions of the community and its disparate groups.
  4. An ability to work well with other trustees, staff, and the public served by the library.
  5. An open mind, intellectual curiosity, and a respect for the opinions of others.

  6. The initiative and ability to establish policies for the successful operation of the library and inclusive service for all customers.
  7. The courage to plan creatively, to execute plans effectively and to embrace diversity

If you have further questions about Board Trustee roles and responsibilities, please contact:
[email protected] or [email protected]

Current Board Members

Nancy Bowman, Chair
Andreas von Cramon, Vice-Chair
Loretta Corbeil
Chris Hannah
Naomi McNeill
Charles Quick
Leah Wales
Margaret Wicklum
Leigh Bursey, City Council representative

Library Board Minutes & CEO's Report:

Board minutes are published after they have been approved at the following board meeting.


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Please contact the library if you require an accessible format.


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